Revenue generation from the association, government and corporate sector is at our core. Effective representation of your product through marketing, sales and communication to our extensive network of clients, and results oriented training of your delivery team is how we achieve long term sustainable results for your business.

Clockwise will perform a gap analysis on your current sales, marketing and communications capability.

This allows us to assess exactly how we are going to assist you and provides you with a long term sustainable plan.

We discuss the improvements you desire; we interview clients and team members, research your market and provide a road map to improve capability with measurable results.

This may include training the existing team, setting KPI’s, structures and systems or you may wish to outsource your sales, marketing or communications planning and implementation to us.

Clockwise conducts tailor-made training from pro-active sales, customer service, how to conduct a successful trade show to planning an integrated public relations campaign.

Your team members become empowered to improve revenues immediately, plus you receive a full analysis of your team’s capability and room for growth.

Our services include:

  • Destination marketing
  • In-market representation
  • Tailor-made customer service training that delivers revenue and loyalty
  • Authentic leadership training
  • Coaching or mentoring of leaders and team members
  • Development of strategic sales and marketing plans
  • Increasing inquiries through improving your social media and online presence
  • Improving your conversions via sales training and implementation of business efficiencies
  • Creating events and partnerships where you are placed in intimate surroundings with your target market
  • Recruitment of quality sales and marketing staff
  • Maximising the tools of the business: expertise in various CRM Systems, Revenue Systems, Event and Restaurant booking systems and utilisation of third party sites for booking or recommendation